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10 Coffee Related Things to do Before you Die

10 Coffee Related Things to do Before you Die

 Here at Bean Giving, we consider ourselves coffee experts. For this post we decided to compile a list of a number of things we believe any true coffee addict has to complete before they die. Have a look through and see if you can check anything off yet!

  1. Spend a Day at the Ground of Alexandria
  2. Eat a Coffee Berry off a Coffee Tree
  3. Try a True Turkish Coffee
  4. Experience a Coffee Ceremony in Ethiopia
  5. Try your Hand at Growing your own Coffee Tree
  6. Visit a Coffee Roasters
  7. Make your own Espresso Martini at Home – (see our earlier blog post for instructions how)
  8. Go to a Barista Competition
  9. Attend a Cupping Session
  10. Visit a Traditional Italian café

*Bonus – Enjoy your Coffee with a Conscious Through Bean Giving!

Is there any more you can think of to add to our list?

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