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7 Coffee Shops Around the World to Add to the Bucket List

7 Coffee Shops Around the World to Add to the Bucket List


If this list doesn’t make you want to book an around the world plane ticket right away….

  1. Kaffeine in London

Inspired by the coffee culture in Australia, Kaffeine offers a coffee flight a trip for the sense that is not to be missed. The flight includes a single shot of espresso, a cappuccino and a cascara, which is a palate cleanser, an infusion of Square Mile cascara and a touch of Earl Grey.


  1. News Café in Florence, Italy

Notoriously known for having the best cappuccino in all of Florence, each coffee comes with a literal work of art, drawn on-top, definitely Instagram worthy. Not to mention the barista’s French bulldog is known to hang around!

  1. Steam Punk in Capetown South Africa

Nowhere around the world will you find a café that is as steampunk as this Café. The tabletops are saw blades and the vintage throughout includes vintage typewrites, sewing machines, gas masks and more. Even the baristas dress in theme! Not an experience to miss.

  1. The Coffee Academics in Hong Kong

The goal at this café is to make specialty coffee accessible to everyone. From coffee created using a Chemex, to lattes sweetened with organic raw agave nectar and spiced with black pepper. The Coffee Academics pride themselves on not only sourcing sustainable and high quality beans, but the finesse of their roasting capability and their meticulous cupping to ensure quality every brew.

  1. Dreamy Camera Café in Yangpyeong, South Korea

A café that is literally a camera! Perched in one of the most picturesque locations the whole experience is one that can not be missed. Once settled in and given a menu, you will get a piece of paper to write five of your dreams on, someone will take a polaroid for you to keep, while you leave your dreams for others to read.

  1. Forty Ninth Parallel in Vancouver, Canada

Coffee and doughnuts need we say more!

  1. Addison & Steele in Perth, Australia

Australia is known for having one of the best café and coffee cultures around the world. Addison & Steele take this to the next level by offering a variety of brew methods including coffee brewed by fire.

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