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8 Things Only Coffee Drinkers Will Understand

There are certain things that non coffee drinkers just don’t seem to understand, namely the fact that drinking coffee isn’t a choice, it is a lifestyle! So here we have put together a list of our favourite things that only coffee drinkers seem to understand.

  1. The first thing you think about in the morning is where your coffee is coming from!

Are you making it at home, or walking around the corner to your favourite café, or will you have to wait till you get to work because you just don’t seem to have enough time!

  1. You understand how important a good grinder is

Grinds being too fine or too coarse have severe impacts on the quality and taste of your coffee, having a good grinder that allows you to manipulate the grind size and uniformity allow for perfect extractions every time.

  1. You save up the stamps on your free coffee card for a week of free coffees

Come on admit it…

  1. Your idea of a perfect date is to catch-up over a cup of coffee
  2. You have had a barista memorise your order

Seriously how good does it feel to get “the usual,” that is when you know you have made it

  1. You have a favourite mug

And your coffee always fits just right inside!

  1. You are practically immune to the effects of caffeine

But… if you don’t have your coffee everyone knows

  1. You can’t say no to coffee! EVER

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