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BeanGiving’s Christmas Recommendations

BeanGiving’s Christmas Recommendations

We present to you BeanGiving’s ultimate Christmas list. A collection of the best gifts for this giving season.

  1. Muffin Break Tea Towel and 1kg Signature Blend.

Perfect for the coffee lover in your life, what more they could want good quality espresso beans and a tea towel to wipe up all those accidental coffee spills.

  1. Jamaica Blue Intense capsules

Perfect for anyway who has a pod machine and great tasting too!

  1. Jamaica Blue Mountain Single Origin

This is such a great gift for the coffee it’s a silky smooth coffee with bright mild acidity, excellent body and nearly no bitterness. Expect sweet chocolate flavours with floral aroma.

  1. Muffin Break Decaf Beans

This is the perfect give to that special person in your life who loves the taste of coffee but doesn’t need that caffeine hit!

  1. And finally BeanGiving’s very own espresso blend! The newest addition to our blend range!

Most of all give the gift of coffee with a conscience this year, knowing that every coffee product purchased will have 10% of the total purchase price donated to the charity of your choice.


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