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BeanGiving's 2019 Coffee Trends

BeanGiving's 2019 Coffee Trends

Coffee is unquestionably one of the most fundamental parts of our morning routines, for many it is a reason to wake up, for others it is the reason for sanity… for us at BeanGiving it is our passion and love, something we couldn’t live without. For this reason we love learning about what is new and happening in the industry, what can we expect to see in 2019? Based on predictions in 2018 as well as observances made within January, we present BeanGiving’s 2019 coffee trends!

  1. Nitro Coffee

With the popularity of cold brew already, it is not surprising that experiments with this method will continue to be on the rise. Nitro coffee is cold brew coffee which has been infused with nitrogen gas. The infusion affects both the taste and texture of the coffee, and is said to leave a foamy, velvety and rich feeling on the palate whilst also tasting sweeter than an iced coffee.

  1. Non Dairy Milk

Soy, almond milk and lactose free milk are common fixtures in cafes these days, but it is predicted that other plant based alternatives will rise further in popularity this year. Macadamia, rice, oat and cashew milk are also set to trend this year!

  1. Coffee Cocktails

Espresso Martinis have already taken off in popularity around the country and is a staple in most bars too. It is expected that mixologists will take the popularity of the espresso martini and put their own twist on a coffee and alcohol infusion.

These are our top three!  Can you think of any others?

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