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Best Coffee Pairings

Best Coffee Pairings

Now I think we all know, as much as we don’t want to admit it, that we can not exist on caffeine alone! Food and coffee are a sensory match made in heaven, both balancing and complementing the flavours of each other. We have put together a list of amazing food pairings, to help you enhance your next coffee break.



When it comes to fruit, berries are always the way to go! Ensure that you stick to the sweeter style of berries as sour tones can disrupt the flavour. Additionally, stone fruits, either enjoyed on their own or baked into something sweet are also a delicious pairing, emphasising nicely the subtle hints of medium to dark roasts.


Shortbread has to take out the number one spot when it comes to café treats and coffee pairings. The buttery, dense melt in your mouth flavour of shortbread perfectly compliments robust and earthy characteristics. Another great pairing is cake, particularly coffee or chocolate cake. The rich and sometimes decadent flavours pair well with lighter roasted coffees, enhancing the sweet underlying notes.


Milk chocolate is a great and versatile pairing with all flavours of coffee. We particularly love chocolate dipped fruit, combining two delicious pairings into one tasty treat! Brownies are another great chocolate pairing, full bodied coffees pair well with their richness and nuttiness.



Happy Coffee Drinking!