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Coffee and Your Body a Breakdown

Coffee and Your Body a Breakdown

We have blogged before about how coffee affects your brain, but in this post, we wanted to go into more depth and break it down for you step by step.

  • First second against the lip – As you taste the first sip of coffee, your senses become more alert responding to the familiar smell… caffeine hasn’t hit your system yet


  • First 10 minutes - Caffeine has now entered the body…woohoo… your heart rate will have begun to quicken, and your blood pressure will be rising


  • 20 minutes in – You will begin to feel more alert and awake. You may even notice that you are now better at decision making. Caffeine has begun to block the adenosine receptors inside your brain


  • 30 minutes after your first sip – Your body has begun to produce more adrenaline and you may find your vision is becoming sharper


  • 40 minutes in – Serotonin the “happy” chemical levels begin to rise in the body. Your day just keeps getting better


  • 4 hours later – Your body is working to break down fats and increasing your rate of digestion!


  • 6 hours later – You may find yourself needing to use the bathroom, that’s because the coffee which you consumed 6 HOURS EARLIER is now starting to impact your GI tract


  • 12 hours later- Your body is now coffee free…that’s if you didn’t have another during the day!

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