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Coffee Trend Alert

It is apparent that coffee users and society as a whole is becoming ever more concerned about where and how our products are made, and what happens to them once we are finished with them. Sustainability is now a key factor in a consumers purchasing decision, and companies are embracing the use of recycled materials to create products which are not only beneficial to the user but also to the environment too!

The newest brand on the market that is embracing the era of recyclability is that of beauty brand ReCoff created by 16-year-old Charlotte Kabelac. Now what might you ask, does this have to do with coffee…? Everything!!

ReCoff creates shampoos, soaps and body lotion which is all made from recycled coffee grounds. The reason for choosing coffee grounds, is Charlotte recognised the beneficial properties of caffeine in blood circulation and cell turnover, which makes it perfect for rejuvenating beauty products. The product uses 100% organic ingredients and recycled packaging to focus on the sustainability of the product. Currently Charlotte uses coffee grounds from her local coffee shop, but hopes to one day turn to a company like Starbucks in order to help reduce their current levels of coffee ground wastage.

Now whilst the product is still only in the pilot stage, this 16 years old’s innovation shows the current trend not only in the beauty industry, but in the coffee industry of the need to think ecologically and sustainably.

Shop smart, and think coffee with a conscience!

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