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Did Someone say Coffee and Ice Cream?

Did Someone say Coffee and Ice Cream?

Over here at the Bean Giving office, we all have a bit of a sweet tooth, and because of this we have been working to perfect the perfect dessert for the warmer weather. One of our favourites by far has to be the Affogato, a perfect combination of espresso and ice-cream… and for those feeling a little cheeky, a splash of Frangelico.


  • Two scoops of good quality vanilla bean ice-cream
  • One shot of espresso coffee (We used the Jamaica Blue Signature Blend)

And optionally

  • One shot of Frangelico or Amaretto


  • Place ice-cream into a clear glass dessert bowl and freeze for 10 minutes
  • Pour hot, fresh espresso shot over the ice-cream (option to add Frangelico as well)



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