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Goodbye to Takeaway Coffee?

Goodbye to Takeaway Coffee?

When a coffee chain shop in Massachusetts stopped serving coffee in single use cups and reported that 81,500 were saved from ending up in landfill, a Melbourne café was quick to go one better, banning takeaway coffee’s altogether.

According to owner Daniel Lewis, he believes that the vibe of cafes and his own too were being ruined by people standing around on their phone whilst they wait for their takeaway coffees. The idea behind the banning of takeaway coffee was to encourage people to savour the experience of having a coffee, to sit with friends and take a moment to talk and relax.

Think about it, people are always more than happy at the end of the day to sit with friends over a glass of wine and catch up, so why aren’t more people giving themselves some time in the morning to do the same and savour the moment.

Coffee is one of those great pleasures that deserves to be savoured, not to mention banning takeaways helps to save the planet too!

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