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Kombucha is arguably one of the biggest trends to have recently hit the superfoods drink market. Kombucha is a fermented drink made from sweetened tea and active cultures, marketed for its benefits to gut health. This being said, the sour drink is not something that we would have ever thought would be combined with coffee… yet here we are.

The owner of Frankie’s Beans, Frank Andrews has recently developed Komboffee, a blend of cold brew coffee and organic kombucha.

The product, (which you can buy at Frankie’s Beans and some other cafes around Australia) is said to be a refreshing drink, that minimises the caffeine crash of coffee by utilising the antioxidant benefits of kombucha. The taste has been noted as “Interesting, refreshing, and a little weird.” With some bitterness from the cold brew and tang from the kombucha, Komboffee is one of those products you wonder if the market has gone too far.

We might leave this one for you to try… What’s next, Beeroffee?

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