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Mugs We Love

Mugs We Love

One of our favourite things about drinking coffee has to be finding a mug that’s fits just right. What is also an added bonus is when you find a mug that’s a little bit cheeky, it expresses your true inner self and starts conversations in the breakroom. We have put together a list of or favourite fun mugs! Hopefully you find the one!

1. The mug that informs your co-workers of when is appropriate to speak to you.


2. The mug that reveals how you are really feeling. 

3. The one that gives a bit of warning to anyone who might be thinking of poking the beast! 

4. And along the same lines... 

5. The one that can catch out anyone stealing your mug! 

6. The one that is just a little bit cheeky 


8. The one that is perfect for storing your morning snack 

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