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Our Complete List of Reasons why Coffee is Healthy

Our Complete List of Reasons why Coffee is Healthy

Please refer to this list if anyone ever questions your caffeine addiction.

Wakes you Up
Improves Your Focus
Helps Relieve Headaches… Don’t tell them these might be coffee related?
Source of Antioxidants
Improves Good Cholesterol
Reduces Inflammation
Raises Metabolic Rate and Burns Fat
Helps you Work out Harder
Reduces Muscle Soreness After Exercise
Lowers Risk of Colorectal Cancer
Improves Blood Circulation
Lowers Risk of Liver Cancer
Protects Liver from Cirrhosis
Lowers Risk of Endometrial Cancer
Fights Cardiovascular Disease
Lowers risk of Stroke
Lowers Stress
Lowers Risk of Type 2 Diabetes
Protects Against Dementia
Lowers Alzheimer’s Disease
Lowers Parkinson’s Disease Risk
Helps with Your Memory… Especially when you remember to have another coffee
May Add Years to Your Life!
Really there is no good reason not to drink coffee! Drink up we say!

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