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Products to own if you truly love coffee!

Products to own if you truly love coffee!

Coffee, the one true love of your life, the one thing that you always say if you would want if ever stranded on a deserted island! To further fuel this coffee addiction we have put together a list of products you have to own… and take with you if ever stranded on a deserted island 😉

  1. An colouring book that is all about coffee! Buy it here 
  1. A Huskeecup Reusable Coffee Cup, which is made out of actual coffee husks! You know you want it

3. A photo magic mug! An amazing mug which reveals your favourite photo when you pour in coffee (or any other hot drink…) 

  1. Cappuccino Art Stencils – Create stunning art through these stencils which will let you dust your coffee in the most amazing patterns. We love them!

5. These socks… which not only keep your feet warm, but also warm our hearts!

  1. A coffee tote bag, which not only helps you save the planet… but also looks amazing too! Buy it!!

7. A coffee print to hang in your house… just to remind every visitor who your true love is! Buy it Here


Happy Coffeeing!

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