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Reusable Coffee Cup Sharing Scheme

Reusable Coffee Cup Sharing Scheme

Have you heard about the latest environmentally friendly initiative that is taking over the café’s of Sydney?  

Green Caffeen is reusable coffee cup sharing system that aims to limit the contribution of single use cups to landfill. (Just remember that there are close to 1 billion single use cups ending up in landfill each year).

Green Caffeen works by having users download an app and sign up to a program. This app connects you with cafes that are apart of the program. These cafes will allow you to pick up a coffee in one of their reusable cups and then return your dirty coffee cup to another café within 30 days without being charged an overdue fee.

Never again will you be caught out at a café without your reusable cup. Check out all the participating spots here!  

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