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Signs That You Don’t Have Control Of Your Coffee Addiction

Signs That You Don’t Have Control Of Your Coffee Addiction

So you think you have control of your coffee addiction… well boy are you wrong! See how many of the below apply to you (we are guessing all of them) just to show that coffee really does own you!

  • You wake up thinking of coffee… probably because you were dreaming about it
  • Everyone around you knows when you haven’t had your first coffee
  • Life doesn’t start till you have that first sip of coffee

  • You believe that coffee should be a fundamental requirement for living.
  • Coffee is the best way to win over your heart

  • Without coffee your; head-achy, irritable and can’t focus
  • Once you have coffee you feel like you can rule the world
  • You have a perfect mug which you don’t think you could live without

  • But you have the largest most eclectic collection of mugs
  • You have at least one piece of clothing that speaks of your coffee addiction
  • You have some form of coffee accessory whether this is a key-ring, earrings, or a ring
  • You scroll Pinterest daily to learn new ways in which you can infuse your life with coffee

  • Your friends and family understand that coffee takes up a lot of your available affection
  • If you could bathe in coffee you would…. Wait… A Japanese spa allows you to do just that (flights already booked right)
  • You go to bed dreaming of coffee…

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