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The Best Ever Gifts for the Coffee Lover in your Life

The Best Ever Gifts for the Coffee Lover in your Life

I think it is safe to say that we all know someone who is just a little bit obsessed with coffee so we have had a look and put together the ultimate list of presents perfect for the coffee lover in your life… even if that person may be you!

A Pair of Pyjamas … Just because its night doesn’t mean the obsession stops

(found at
A scented candle that will fill any home with the sweet aroma of coffee
A pour over Chemex to make the perfect brew at home every time

A heat changing mug… How fun is that!

A pair of socks to help let the world know how deep your love really is

(found at
A coffee scrub… Bonus points if you made it yourself!

A keep cup! So they can save the planet and enjoy their coffee too!

A manual quality grinder to get the perfect cup every time

(from Alternative Brewing) 
A cupping session at a local roasters… to give them the full coffee experience 

And finally a pair of bean earrings so everything they wear is coffee related

(From Etsy) 

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