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The Story of Coffee

The Story of Coffee

The history and origin of coffee is one which not many people know, but is a great tale to impress your friends with (especially over a cup of coffee).

The tale of coffee begins on the Ethiopian Plateau, where goat herder Kaldi was tending his herd. Kaldi was moving his herd to greener pastures when he noticed strange red cherries hanging from scattered trees on the trail. Thinking nothing of it as his goats began to eat the cherries, he continued on his way. As they continued along the path he began to notice his goats behaving erratically and seeming to dance whilst they walked, the goats had become so energetic they refused to even sleep at night. Wondering what it could have been that caused such strange behaviour, he decided to try one of the cherries from the trees. Not much sooner had he tried the cherries, than did he begin to feel good, really good! He had more energy, he was awake, he was ready to take on the day! Thinking this amazing fruit needed to be shared with the rest of his village, he quickly made his way back home.

Kaldi reported his findings to the local priest who disregarded his claims as rubbish, the man was hallucinating. Throwing the cherries into a pot which was boiling over a fire, Kaldi was turned away. All of a sudden though, an amazing aroma began to rise from the pot… the cherries had begun roasting over the fire. Quickly calling Kaldi back, the priest began to crush the cherries, and prepare a drink in the same process they prepared tea.

Coffee was Born!

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