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The Ultimate List of the Best Coffee Desserts

The Ultimate List of the Best Coffee Desserts

You know how much of a sweet tooth we have here at BeanGiving and in celebration of this, we have put together a list of our favourite coffee desserts of all time! We hope this list inspires you to get creative in the kitchen…and to infuse coffee in your life as much as possible!

  1. Tiramisu – a dessert that is decadent and delicious, espresso in creamy cake form yum!
  2. Coffee Cream Eclairs – This twist on a classic French pastry is amazing
  3. Mocha Poke Cake – A cake that is completely filled to the brim with amazing coffee flavours
  4. Coffee Cupcakes – Perfect for that afternoon pick me up… or for all the time (we won’t tell)
  5. The Ultimate no Churn Coffee Ice-Cream – Yum Yum Yum ice cream is always a winner
  6. Affogato – Coffee and Alcohol, need we say more
  7. Cookies and Cream Coffee Ice Cream – Cookies and cream the coffee version
  8. Coffee Fudge- So good and rich, everything you want from a fudge!
  9. Frozen Espresso Martini- no words needed!
  10. Espresso Brownies – Coffee makes chocolate that much better, it’s amazing

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