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Types of Latte Art to Master in 2019

Types of Latte Art to Master in 2019

Make 2019 your year to master a new skill, whether that is brewing the perfect cup, learning how to use an espresso machine or learning different types of latte art and how to master it. We have already written about the basic skills on how to master latte art, so today we present a guide on the different types of latte art (impress your friends next time you are out at coffee!)

  1. Heart

The most basic of all latte arts, this one is great for beginners as it simply requires a steady hand and knowing the right moment to begin to shake the milk jug (sounds easy right…).

  1. Rosetta

The Rosetta is the second most fundamental latte art technique after the heart, once you master these, you’ll be able to master anything!

  1. Tulip

The tulip is a variation on the simple heart design, but has become a favourite in latte art competitions due to its complexity.

  1. Swan

One of the hardest techniques to master is the swan! A combination of Rosetta, tulip and the heart, this requires a steady hand and plenty of practice.

With these basic techniques you can let your imagination run wild, start experimenting, create your own designs and make sure to let us know what your favourite design is!

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