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Weird and Wonderful Uses for Coffee

Weird and Wonderful Uses for Coffee

Many people forget that coffee isn’t simply a product to rescue your Monday morning… and Tuesday… and Wednesday…

We have put together a list of some weird and wonderful ways you can use every bit of your coffee!

  1. Make Ice Coffee Cubes – place left over black coffee into ice cube trays and freeze, serve with milk for a perfect ice coffee every time
  2. Use Coffee Grounds as a Repellent for Snails and Slugs
  3. Place a Bowl of Coffee Grounds into the Fridge to Absorb and Neutralise Odours
  4. Use as an Exfoliator (see earlier post)
  5. Make a Natural Fabric Dye
  6. Use Grounds in Composting
  7. Use Grounds to Reduce Cellulite
  8. Repair Old and Scratched up Furniture
  9. Paint with Left over Black Coffee
  10. Create a Coffee Candle with Un-used Beans
  11. Use as a Hair Colour Enhancer
  12. Use as a Repellent for Ants Inside the Home
  13. Use Coffee Grounds as a Surface Scrubber
  14. Gently Rinse Dirty Hands with Coffee Grounds
  15. Cook with Chocolate Desserts to Create an Even Richer Chocolatey Flavour
  16. Use Grounds as a Meat Tenderiser and Rub
  17. Use a Whole Bean as a Breath Freshener - Suck on a Whole Roasted Coffee Bean
  18. Use as a Pin Cushion Filler – Also Prevents Needles from Rusting
  19. Use Old Grounds to Keep Cats out of your Garden
  20. Support Your Chosen Charity through Bean Giving!!

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