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Which Coffee Is For You

Which Coffee Is For You

The coffee industry is an ever expanding and innovating industry and because of this coffee itself has become a bit of a new language we must learn. We would like to present to you the Bean Giving dictionary, a failsafe guide to all things coffee.

Latte – Espresso with steamed milk and 2-3cm of foam

Flat White - An Australian invention, espresso with steamed milk and 1-2cm of foam

Cappuccino – Espresso with steamed milk, 4-6cm of foam and a dusting of chocolate

Long Black – Espresso shot extracted over hot water

Espresso - Concentrated coffee made when hot water is forced at pressure through fine coffee grounds

Macchiato – Espresso topped with a dollop of foam

Piccolo – A ‘mini latte’ served in an espresso cup

Mocha – Espresso mixed with chocolate and topped with milk

Ristretto – The first half of an espresso shot for a more concentrated flavour

Affogato  - An espresso shot served over ice-cream

Cold Brew -  Coffee which is steeped overnight in room temperature water, then strained to be served over ice

Crema – The caramel-coloured emulsified oils that sit on top of an espresso shot

Single Origin – Coffee beans which have been sourced from a single location such as Jamaica Blues Single Origin which sources its coffee beans from Costa Rica

Filter Coffee - Drip coffee made with a ground coffee placed into a ceramic, glass or plastic cone lined with a paper filter

Magic – A double ristretto which is served in a ‘cup’ that is only filled ¾ of the way


                                           ~Happy Coffee-ing ~

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