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Why Coffee Should be Free in the Workplace!

Why Coffee Should be Free in the Workplace!

It can be argued that drinking coffee for most of us is an integral part of our daily routine and many business are beginning to understand the impact that offering free coffee in the workplace can have. We have put together 3 great reasons which we believe argue strongly for free coffee in the workplace! 😊

  1. Increases the Level of Productivity

Numerous studies have shown the effect that coffee has upon the brain in terms of increasing alertness and concentration. Providing coffee in the workplace, gives staff an outlet to combat drowsiness and the effects of a sleepless night.

  1. Increases Idea Generation

Breaking for a coffee during work hours has been counter intuitively proven to cause an overall improvement in productivity as well as creative thinking.

  1. Increased Morale

When you establish a designated area within your business where employees can meet and collaborate together, over coffee, creates a positive work atmosphere. These areas can fuel the exchange of idea and innovation as work mates discuss projects and problems they are facing. Additionally,  employees will feel valued when they are given these spaces to relax and socialise within.

Coffee it’s a need not a want!

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