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Why Keep Cups?

Why Keep Cups?

In the last couple of years, the prominence of keep cups and keep cup discounts have become more evident in local cafes around Australia. With over 16.3 million coffees being consumed a day, it might be time to start considering stopping the use of takeaway coffee cups.

Unfortunately, despite what is commonly assumed, regular takeaway coffee cups are not recyclable. Each cup is lined with a plastic film, which is difficult to separate from the cardboard outer cup, making them near impossible to recycle properly. It is estimated that 5 billion disposable coffee cups end up in landfill every year, and countless end up in the ocean too.

However, the solution is really simple! Keep cups are a great way to do your bit for the environment and most cafes too offer a discount for customers who bring their own cup. Additionally, the break-even for coffee cups is only 15 uses, which means that after 15 uses you begin to help the environment by saving water, trees and energy!

And if that isn't enough, here are a number of other ways using a keep cup will help to save the planet!

  • Over the course of one year, one individual using a KeepCup instead of disposable cups reduces water use by up to 90%, greenhouse gas emissions by 92%, and landfill by 99%.
  • Your carbon footprint is 4 times smaller when using a KeepCup, compared to disposable cups.
  • Over one year, drinking from disposable cups will contribute around 3kg of plastic to landfill. However, a medium KeepCup contains just 86 grams of plastic, and can be reused around 1,500 times!

Doing your part everyday, isn’t as hard as you think!

For more information visit the ABCS war on waste 😊

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