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Your Brain on Coffee

Your Brain on Coffee

It is currently that time of the year when we sometimes wish that we could exist purely on coffee to stay alert and productive. However, have you ever wondered what the effect is that coffee has upon your brain? How does it make you stay alert? Why do you feel more productive?

And yes if you guessed caffeine you are correct! But do you know how caffeine works upon your brain?

Caffeine works by suppressing and blocking adenosine, the neurotransmitter that is responsible for making you feel drowsy and sleepy. What this in turn does is keep us awake and alert for longer as our brain is being prevented from feeling sleepy. Additionally, caffeine allows for chemicals such as dopamine to circulate more freely making you feel happier after every coffee (can’t complain about that)


We found this great video which explains it even better! Happy productivity 😊

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