Community Group FAQ

How do I sign-up my Community Group?

Please visit Our Community Groups page to nominate your community group.

Who can become a BeanGiving Community Group?

A Community Group that meets the BeanGiving qualifying criteria and signs its Community Group Funding Terms & Conditions. 

How can Bean Giving's donations be used?

Subject to BeanGiving’s Community Group Terms & Conditions, BeanGiving has no role in directing how your Group allocates BeanGiving's donation.

Is there a limit on how much BeanGiving will donate to our group?

No. BeanGiving will donate 10% of every retail sale to your group. The more people who nominate your community group when purchasing, the larger your community group’s donation will be.

How much could we receive in a donation?

14 million Australian’s drink an average of 7.5 cups of coffee at home every week. That means a two person coffee drinking household would support BeanGiving donating $43-$55 per year. If your Community Group could secure 100 of these households that’s between $4,300-$5,500 per annum. In and of itself that’s a pretty good reason to focus but the thing about coffee is people keep drinking it, so the people you introduce this year are highly likely to buy it next year. This means that if you add 100 households a year, pretty soon you are raising a very material amount of funding every year!

Why is BeanGiving's potential donation $43-$55 per year?

The range reflects the price of each product and whether households purchase capsules, beans or grounds. An exclusive beans & grounds household would support a BeanGiving donation of $43 beans and a capsule household, $55. 

Do you charge Community Groups any fees?


Does Foodco make money out of this?

Through BeanGiving, Foodco wants to change the way Community Groups are funded. However to achieve this, we need to ensure that we’ve identified a sustainable solution based on a viable business model.

Why create a new brand, why not just call it Foodco?

Frankly, it's not all about Foodco. The BeanGiving model’s architecture is open – which means just that, it's open to all qualifying Community Groups and Product Suppliers. BeanGiving’s vision is to change the way Community Groups are funded, and we aim to do this with both our community group partners and our coffee industry colleagues.

Is the donation on the first purchase or every retail sale?

BeanGiving donates 10% of every retail sale to your group.

Who makes the donation?

Foodo Group Pty Ltd trading as BeanGiving makes the cash donation to your group.

Does my Community Group need to buy and hold stock of BeanGiving products?

No. Bean Giving is 100% online. The Community Group holds no stock of BeanGiving products. BeanGiving does all the order fulfillment. 

How does it work from a Community Group’s perspective?

Community Groups make their supporters aware of the BeanGiving offer. When supporters purchase through BeanGiving, they select the Community Group to receive BeanGiving’s donation. The product is then delivered to the supporter’s designated address.

How much work is involved from the Community Group?

The Community Group’s objective is to build a growing portfolio of recurring coffee purchasers. From this flows a regular and growing stream of donations. The foundations of a Community Group's success will be the program launch into it's membership base, members' introductions and periodic drives to build the portfolio.   

What does BeanGiving do?

BeanGiving delivers a product offering that is compelling to new and existing consumers and makes supporter referrals as simple as possible. It does this by:

  1. delivering competitive prices and free delivery for high quality and innovative products from great brands; and
  2. delivering innovative promotional tools to Community Groups.

How often does BeanGiving make its donation?

Bi-Monthly Direct Credit, when the accrued donation amount is > $200 and semi-annually for all other amounts.