Customer FAQ

Who is BeanGiving?

BeanGiving is a pilot enterprise established by Foodco Group Pty Ltd to assist Australian community organisations.

Who is Foodco Group Pty Ltd and how long has it operated?

Foodco Group is an Australian-based, privately owned company that operates the Muffin Break & Jamaica Blue brands. Opening its first Muffin Break café in Coolangatta in 1989, Foodco now operates its brands in over 500 cafés that employ in excess of 8,000 people in 7 countries around the world.

Who is making the donation?

BeanGiving makes a cash donation to the community group you select during the checkout process.

Will you be adding more coffee brands?

That is our intention. If this initial pilot phase is successful, we will be looking to offer more of your favourite brands at

Where are BeanGiving products roasted?

Jamaica Blue & Muffin Break products are both roasted in Melbourne, Australia.

Are there any hidden costs I have to pay?

The retail price on the BeanGiving site is the total price with nothing else to pay.

Are my coffee purchases Tax Deductible?

No – but neither is the at-home coffee you drink today.

How is my order shipped?

BeanGiving works with a number of first class carriers.

Will you ship to my work address?

Absolutely, provided it’s an Australian address serviced by our carriers, you can be sure it will arrive.

Which Nespresso®* machines can your capsules be used in?

Our capsules are compatible with all DeLonghi/Breville Nespresso®* machines, including Le Cube, Essenza models, Citiz models, Pixie models, Lattissima models, U models, Maestria and Inissia coffee machines.

Where are BeanGiving’s capsules made?

Australia. Europe is beautiful but we are talking about coffee – fresh is best!

Are BeanGiving’s Bean & Grounds products recyclable?

Coffee grounds are 100% recyclable. Actually, you can do some really cool things with grounds, like use them in your garden to keep insects away. When we can’t use recycled cardboard and paper, our paper packaging is 100% recyclable. This leaves our foil packs, which you should place in your recycling bin.

Are BeanGiving’s Capsules recyclable?

As with the Grounds & Bean products, the coffee waste and paper packaging is 100% recyclable. We are working hard to develop a sustainable solution for our plastic capsules and hope to deliver this to you over the coming months.

Will BeanGiving be selling other capsule formats?

In time, we would like to. If there are other formats you’d like, let us know. 

How much is Shipping?

It’s FREE on every product you purchase.

Do you have a minimum purchase value for free delivery?

No. Free Delivery applies to all our products.

Do I have to buy every month?

No. You can buy once or make a recurring order.

What's a recurring order?

This is when you tell us how often you want coffee to be sent to you and we’ll send it. Based on your usage, it should mean that you’ll never run out, however if your life changes, you can simply change or cancel your recurring order.

How do I change or cancel a recurring order?

Just login, change your product selection, package size, delivery sequence or switch it off.

Why don’t you do Subscriptions?

A subscription is a fixed commitment to purchase coffee for a defined period. If your life changes this can make our relationship more complicated. At BeanGiving, we will offer subscriptions as gifting items.

When will my coffee be shipped to me?

We pack and post every Monday and Wednesday. Your coffee will be delivered within the following 2-4 business days, depending on when your order is placed. Delivery to remote locations may not occur within this period.

Can I send your products as a gift?

Sure, all you need to do is tick the "ship to different address" box at the checkout and provide those details. BeanGiving is developing a range of exciting gifting options that we will launch over the coming months.

Do you sell gift vouchers?

Not right now, but BeanGiving is developing a range of exciting gifting options that we will launch over the coming months. Stay tuned!

Why don't you have multiple grinds?

We may do that in the future but at the moment we use what is called a "Multi Grind" which is great for a broad variety of brewing techniques. If there are other grinds you’d like, let us know. 

How many coffees will a 200g bag of beans or grounds make?

This will depend on how strong you like your coffee and the size of your cup or mug, but as a guide, a 200g bag should make somewhere between 10 and 16 cups.